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Street Smarts Logo Street Smarts is an education campaign for traffic safety in the city of Davis. Our goal is to reduce the number of traffic-related crashes and injuries. Our efforts target the leading problems: speeding, distracted driving, and not following traffic safety rules like stop sign compliance and proper helmet use.

In order to make our streets safer, Street Smarts also encourages you to ride a bike or walk whenever you can, and leave your car at home. Fewer cars=safer streets! Plus, the less we use our cars, the less we pollute the air; and clean air means a healthier planet. So strap on your helmet, get out your walking shoes, and let’s hit the streets…the smart way!

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  • May Is Bike Month

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    May is Bike Month, so get your tires pumped up, oil your chain, adjust your helmet, and hop on your bike (hopefully you’ve been doing this all year).

    Sunday May 4th        … more

  • Bike Loopalooza on May 4th!

    Bike LoopaloozaT
    he 2014 Bike Loopalooza will take place on Sunday, May 4th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Join several hundred children, with their families, for a day of fun and exercise while learning about the Davis Bike Loop and safe bicycle commuting in Davis. There will be snacks, drinks, and surprises.  Join us for information, fun, and exercise!


    The Bike Loop is a 12-mile loop around the perimeter of the City of Davis, established in 2007 through the efforts of Davis Bicycles. It is completely paved and largely protected from motor vehicle traffic. The Bike Loop provides a safe route to the proximity of seven of the nine elementary schools in Davis, and the Schools Committee wanted to get the word out that commuting to school by bicycle along the Bike Loop is a safe and fun alternative to commuting by motor vehicle.

    In 2010, the Davis Bicycles! Schools Committee held the inaugural Bike Loopalooza to help acquaint families with the Davis Bike Loop as an option for commuting to schools. The inaugural Bike Loopalooza attracted 173 young cyclists and their families. These riders started the Bike Loop at one of 11 stations, mostly located near one of the seven elementary schools on the Loop and staffed by volunteers representing schools or organizations located in Davis. The stations featured activities like bike safety checks, helmet fitting, and birdwatching. Sixty-one of these young people completed the entire 12-mile loop! Participants received snacks donated by Clif Bar & Company. Several stations also distributed other prizes such as spoke cards and bike pins donated by Davis Bicycles! and the City of Davis Street Smarts program.

    Join us this year on May 4th as we celebrate the 5th annual Loopalooza.

    To learn more “Like” Davis Bicycles! Kids on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Davis-Bicycles-Kids/437619076316712 or visit www.davisbicycles.org

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  • Traffic Safety Poster Contest

    Elementary School Traffic Safety Poster Contest

    Thanks to all of the artists who participated in our 2012 poster contest! Stay tuned for upcoming contests…

    Click here to download Street … more

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  • Davis StreetSmarts Featured as a Success Story!

    Davis Safe Routes to School Success!

    The City of Davis Street Smarts program was identified as a Safe Routes to School Success Story by the California Department of Public Health’s Active … more

  • StreetSmarts Update

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    City of Davis StreetSmarts Update - Two New Enhanced Crossings!

    Two new RRFBs have been recently installed around Davis - one at Anderson Road and Amherst Drive, and the other at F St. between the Little League Fields and the Davis Art Center.

    What is an RRFB?

    • RRFB stands for Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon. The RRFB is an amber-colored flashing LED light that is activated by a person needing to cross the street. RRFBs use an irregular flash pattern that is similar to emergency flashers on police vehicles. RRFBs enhance safety by increasing driver awareness of potential conflicts in the crossing, thus reducing the number of crashes between pedestrians or cyclists and other vehicles.

    How do I use the RRFB?

    • Enter the crosswalk with caution. Before entering the crosswalk, press the button and wait for the beacons to begin flashing. Vehicle drivers are required to yield to you, but they might not see you.

    Take the Next Steps!

    • Please take the time to practice using the RRFB with your children and students. Do not enter the crosswalk until the oncoming drivers yield to you.

    For additional information please contact the Street Smarts program at (530) 757-5640.

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